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Bowls Club Business, not a phrase often heard. This has been due mainly to clubs being run for their members and the fact that in the past there was always a ready supply of new members in a largely “sellers market”.

Well, few can have failed to realise that things ”ain’t what they used to be” and most clubs, even some that were assumed bullet proof are having to face facts and start to find their business feet…and start taking real action…fast!

Many bowling clubs have now gone beyond the point where minor changes to their existing “business model” will ensure their survival. Right now is the middle of the UK winter, a time that usually means bowling clubs will have “put the green to bed” and closed the doors for winter some time ago. Can you be sure that the people who were members in 2015 will return as members in 2016?

It is clear that bowling clubs must start to not only think and operate more like proper businesses, but they must also regain at least some of the attraction they held for their local community in the past.
But at a time when your club may be struggling to survive, how can you possibly make this vast change in time to ensure not only your club’s survival, but also to achieve significant growth before it’s too late?

I’ve developed a step by step blueprint for club survival and beyond and although I would like you to drop everything and go and get cracking with that, I would like to say a few words about how I have put this blueprint together and a little bit about how you can get the best from it.

It’s called Bowling Club Survival and Turnaround and first of all I have kept it short and I have managed this by editing and re-editing the content to ensure that every section gives you the very essence of what you need to know.

Secondly, I have broken the process I am proposing into 7 distinct steps and it is very important that you apply these steps in the order they appear. However, I do recommend that you read through the book quickly first to get a feel for what is to come.

At the start of every section I will introduce the main concepts, tools and techniques I am going to use in that section and at the end of each section I will point you to extra resources that will help you to complete the section in the most effective manner possible

Finally for now, the book is written in a very informal, conversational manner and this is a deliberate attempt by me to encourage you to keep going almost as if I was there with you.

Lastly, but not leastly (I must review my English skills), it’s obvious that the ability to attract new members would be a useful adjunct to this blueprint for club survival. However, we find ourselves in times when it doesn’t seem likely that our local area will offer up more than one or two prospects in any given year. As a bonus I’ve added my ebook Bowling Club Membership, retention and growth, which will be an eye opener for any club that previously thought there were no new members around. It’s a matter of thinking differently in the end. Clubs that apply a bit of lateral thinking and clever prospecting ultimately succeed where others fail.

Survival Membership eBook Combo
Survival Membership eBook Combo
BOWLING CLUB MEMBERSHIP How do you increase club membership numbers in a time of economic turmoil? How do you retain members when there is a natural decline in bowling participation? This eBook sets out a plan for transforming any bowls club into the central hub of its community. BOWLING CLUB SURVIVAL In this ebook we take you through a groundbreaking, step by step blueprint to save your struggling bowling club and reveal the 7 key steps that you can start taking immediately to start making a serious go of your club. SPECIAL OFFER PRICE FOR LIMITIED TIME
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