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Quick Start Spring/Summer Package


The Quick Start Spring/Summer Package

Everything you need to get started on the Performance Greens Program this Spring including FREE Soil Analysis worth £110 to build your future greenkeeping program on.


The Quick Start Spring/Summer Package includes the following:

3 X 20kgs of Caviar, The Ultimate Organic Spring Starter stuffed full of carbohydrates to feed the soil and the nutrients your turf needs to get off to a flyer this spring. Apply in early to mid March… more details

2 X 25kgs of GreenCircle, The Foundation of the Soil Food Web. Apply in Early to Mid April…more details

The Famous Bowls Central Compost Tea Starter Kit, with everything you need to get started brewing your own natural, soil microbe boosting compost tea including enough materials to make 12 brews. Apply throughout the Summer more details

20 L BioBooster N, A Bio Liquid Fertiliser that has two modes of action; slower and fast release urea forms, which provide a complete and sustained system of feeding the plant, encouraging and promoting the beneficial soil microbes whilst ensuring healthier and longer lasting plant root and shoot growth. Tank Mix with Compost Tea to save time and effort. more details

20 L CMS Shoot (Molasses), The Ultimate Summer BioStimulant, CMS SHOOT 5.0.2 is made from condensed molasses solubles (CMS) by amino acid fermentation. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and improve plant metabolism, sugars act as a biostimulant for bacteria and the organic content acts as a fungal stimulant. The nitrogen and potassium is immediately available through the roots and leaf to encourage early growth and rapid recovery from winter damage and summer stress. Tank Mix with your Compost Tea to save time and effort. more details

Soil Analysis worth £110.00 DETAILS

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