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Re-Opening your Bowling Green for play

Covid-19 re-opening guidance

Below you can access re-opening guidance from the various UK governing bodies.

Guidance Documents

Bowls Scotland Advice for Re-Opening of Greens

In the guidance documents, the governing bodies have interpreted the advice from The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and have adapted this, within the guidelines, specifically for bowling clubs.

Summary of Recommended Play Arrangements

In the guidance documents, it is recommended that the following arrangements for play on the green are observed. Please read the full document pertaining to your discipline to ensure your club is fully compliant with the regulations as they stand. Please also be aware that the advice will undoubtedly change as we move forward.

Flat Green

  • Use an offsite pre-booking system for rink allocation to avoid unnecessary visits to the green/club.
  • Leave a Minimum of 20 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive and depart safely and within social distancing rules
  • Clubs to communicate in advance with players to advise on social distancing requirements that are being applied on arrival at the club. For example remaining in your car until a certain, predetermined time before their allocated rink time slot
  • Play should only be on alternate rinks i.e 1,3,5 or 2, 4, 6 to ensure there is an empty rink between the rinks being played on.
  • There should be a Maximum of 6 players on the club premises at any one time (assuming an average of two people per rink who are not from the same household). Clubs may wish to increase this number if more than two people from the same household are to play on the same rink.
  • There should be no visitors or spectators at the club at any time
  • It is suggested that clubs Cap the occasions a player can book a rink each week to ensure that the available capacity is distributed fairly.

Crown Green

  • Limited Green Opening, Exercise and Practice (Full Social distancing must be maintained 2 metres distance)
  • During Phase 1 only 1 group permitted on the green at a time •
  • Club Schedule of Attendance (names, dates & times must be recorded) produced to ensure limited attendance should be maintained (record of green availability should be maintained)
  • Club to appoint a central contact (To enable track and trace records should this be required)
  • Only Club members allowed on a Green
  • Ensure that your Insurance cover is up to date.
  • Each Club will have to make their own assessment of the safety in opening your green
  • Arrangements should be made to manage the social distancing and all other hygiene procedures
  • You will need to ensure you have your landlord’s permission to open the green if this applies
  • Maintenance schedule will need to be reviewed to ensure green is available for play prior to opening
  • Club Buildings and toilets to remain closed, will be reviewed as part of phase 2/3

Green Bookings System

Although we all want to get back to normal as soon as possible, it is becoming increasingly clear that things might not return to the way they were before the virus for a very long time, and that this period of uncertainty will possibly be counted in years rather than months.

To comply with Government guidance on re-opening your bowling green it is important that you have an off-site, and preferably electronic system for allocating games and keeping records of green use.

This presents a major logistical challenge to most clubs as there will need to be a system for allocating green use in a fair and preferably hands off way.

There will also be a need to maintain an on-going record of attendance at the green for the foreseeable future in order to comply with any future track and trace requests.

Most importantly, clubs will have to try to meet this new list of requirements in a way that has a minimum requirement for labour and of course that is cost effective.

Click the Image below for details of the Bowls Central Green Bookings System:

Risk Assessment Downloads

Below you will find a selection of useful documents kindly shared by Cambridge Park BC to help you develop your own Risk Assessment papers and records.

The playing guidelines are specific to the flat green discipline. If anyone would like to share similar documents for crown green bowls, please contact me to share.