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For the rapid establishment of fine grasses when overseeding.

Our MYCORRHIZAL SEED COATING contains spores of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, growth promoting bacteria and fungi and organic soil nutrients, to improve grass root growth, stress recovery and rapid establishment of newly seeded or turfed areas.

MYCORRHIZAE are essential for grass health, attaching to the roots, they can increase the surface area for nutrient and water uptake by over 300%.

THE MICROBES are centrifuge-dried into a zeolite or volcanic rock carrier to protect them from chemicals and ultra violet light.


BENT, FESCUE AND RYE GRASSES rely heavily on mycorrhizae for survival in nature.

IN SPORTS TURF, levels of mycorrhizae are low or non-existent due to sterile soils, compaction, chemical and high nutrient use.

The result is a weakened sward, which suffers more from drought stress, nutrient leaching and disease and is quickly dominated by Poa annua, a grass that relies less on mycorrhizal and other soil fungi and more on seed head production for its survival in sports turf and similarly stressed environments

Precaution Avoid breathing dust.

In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection

IF INHALED: If breathing is difficult, remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. If experiencing respiratory symptoms call a doctor/physician.

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations

APPLICATION AND TIMING Mix with seed and sow in the usual way.

Do not apply fungicides two weeks either side of application date. The amount of product required to coat the seed depends on the seed mix used and overseeding rate.The aim is to achieve even coverage of the Mycorrhizal Seed Coating across the sward using the seed as a carrier.

Suggested minimum application rate is 2 x 1.5kg tubs per hectare. When a healthy mycorrhizal root touches a non mycorrhizal root, in most cases, the mycorrhizae will transfer and inoculate the weaker root.

Mix the Mycorrhizal Seed Coating with your seed in a drum or box and seed in the usual way (best results are obtained using an overseeder).


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