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Performance Bowling Greens

Bowls Central is the home of Performance Bowling Greens,  the bestselling eBook that is consistently praised for introducing Bowls Clubs and Greenkeepers to John Quinn’s simple but effective greenkeeping program. John teaches natural greenkeeping practices that encourage the fine bent and fescue grasses. Based on hands on experience and a deep understanding of turf and soil ecology, John’s methods produce healthy, high performance greens that are a joy to maintain and less costly for clubs.

Not just an eBook, but a full plan of attack to help you turn your green around and achieve consistent high performance. Book comes with a HALF PRICE SOIL ANALYSIS, a full report and greenkeeping schedule written by the Author for your green!


“After devouring all the information and following your advice I have members coming to me and saying the green has never looked better or played better! Some of these are the ancient stalwarts who have been members for years, visitors are also full of praise. Woods are rolling smoothly and the pace is good -thanks again! Barry”

Performance Bowling Greens

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John Quinn's Master Greenkeeper BlogBowls-Central is the home of John Quinn’s blog for greenkeepers.

John, who is one of a very small number of Master Greenkeepers worldwide has 35 years experience in bowling green maintenance, fine turf care and managing sports facilities including the design, construction, establishment and management of bowling greens and golf courses.

He has been involved in all aspects of the industry including hands-on greenkeeping, design and management of facilities, bowling green contracting and greenkeeper education. John was previously a Director at Elmwood College, the premier greenkeeper training college in Europe and still teaches as a visiting lecturer in the UK and abroad.

John is an active author and has published a range of titles for bowling clubs and other businesses.

You can read over 300 free articles on Greenkeeping, Fine Turf and Bowls Club Management on John’s Blog now!

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Latest articles from John’s blog

Compost Tea Fundamentals

One of the most often asked questions about compost tea goes like this: “Why can’t I just use the compost from the Garden Centre to make compost tea for my greens?” This is usually mistakenly based around the belief that buy specially inoculated compost will be an expensive business in the long term. Using the … Read more

Performance Greenkeeping tasks for March

Essential Greenkeeping tasks for March include aeration, moss control, microbe boosting, disease prevention and keeping the surface clear of worm casts. Now is the time to make soil nutrient balance corrections and to get some starter fertiliser and bio-stimulants on to boost soil microbial activity and get the grass growing well. Take advantage of my … Read more

done for you greenkeeping schedules

Done for you greenkeeping schedules. Instead of relying on guesswork, hearsay and myth, wise clubs are putting their faith in science and proven agronomic expertise to help them draw up the correct greenkeeping schedule for their greens. In this article we explain how you can easily tap into John’s Master Greenkeeper expertise and have a … Read more


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