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Welcome to the online training area of the Bowls Central Academy. I hope you will find the courses here valuable and inspiring. 

I am working on new course materials on a daily basis, so the course list will grow at the rate of approximately 1 complete new course per month, so please check in regularly to see what’s been added. 

Course Structure 

The system I have used to build the Academy has a hierarchy that follows the Course, Module, Unit logic.

The top level is called a Course e.g. Introduction to Greenkeeping and within each Course you will find Modules. Modules help break the Course down into logical areas of study e.g. Basic Greenkeeping Equipment, Basic Greenkeeping Materials and & Use of Materials and Equipment. 

Within each Module you will find Units such as Mowers, Aeration Equipment and Hand tools. Units break the Module down into smaller chunks of related information, to make things more manageable and logical.

Each Course is made up of one or more Modules which should be completed in the order they appear to make sure you are able to apply what you’ve learned in the early modules and units to your on-going study.

Each Module leads on from the one before and each Unit within a Module builds on the one before.

At the end of each unit you will find a Quiz, which will help you to consolidate your learning and check that you have understood the material, before moving on. You can revisit the material at anytime and taking the quiz doesn’t prevent you from going back over the same course again later.


You can work through the courses at your own pace and of course you can drop me a line to ask a question anytime, using the contact form.


When you’ve completed a full course, you will be able to download a Certificate* to record and celebrate your achievements.

*Please note that course might still be in the building process, so Certificates will only be available once the full courses is live.

Getting Started

Just click on any course icon below to get started:

Introduction to greenkeeping

Introduction to Turfgrass science

Bitesized learning