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About Bowls Central

Bowls-Central is the home of John Quinn’s blog for bowling club managers and greenkeepers.

John who is one of only 80 Master Greenkeepers worldwide has nearly 40 years experience in bowling green maintenance, fine turf care and managing sports facilities including the design, construction, establishment and management of bowling greens and golf courses.

John has been involved in all aspects of the industry including hands-on greenkeeping, design and management of facilities, bowling green contracting and greenkeeper education. John was previously a Director at Elmwood College, the premier greenkeeper training college in Europe.

John’s current work includes providing consulting and training services to clients on turf maintenance and club management, including the training of golf course and golf club managers in China on a regular basis.

John is also an active author and has published a range of titles for bowling clubs and other businesses.

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10 Golden Rules

Sometimes, greenkeeping seems to throw problem after problem at you.

However, there are relatively few key skills to master in order to make sure your green is on the path to continuous improvement.

A lot of the vital maintenance we have come to rely on is actually superfluous and even damaging in some cases.

Bowls-Central will show you how to get back to basics and give you the confidence to make a plan and stick to it, and the tools and skills you need to make it work for your green.

There are 10 Golden Rules of Greenkeeping you need to follow to make your green the best it can be and they are listed in our FREE publication of the same name.

In this ebook you will find a brief description of the 10 Golden Rules with links back to the most relevant articles on each subject here at Bowls Central.

The 10 Golden Rules of Greenkeeping is yours FREE when you set up a free membership at Bowls-Central.

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