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Almanac 2018

Greenkeeper's Almanac 2018

Purpose of the Greenkeeper’s Almanac

I’ve written and published the Greenkeeper’s Almanac 2018 so that I can help as many bowling clubs as possible to achieve a performance bowling green whilst lowering costs, making maintenance more predictable and less complicated.

Every page is packed with information to help greenkeepers apply my performance green program…AND lower costs.

There is detailed guidance for every month of the year and extra features to explain the key concepts of bowls green management, making it a priceless educational and communication tool.

The Almanac is of a unique design in that it has 32 pages, but is created by folding a single sheet of A3, professionally printed, high quality, silk finish paper into 16 double sided pages. This means it’s cheap, easy to share, easy to carry and highly cost effective given the material contained within.

I want to spread these around as many bowling clubs in the UK as possible, so please drop me a line to john@bowls-central.co.uk

If you are an official of any County or Regional Bowls Association that represents multiple clubs I’ll show you how you can get a box of these to give away or sell on to clubs at a very low price.