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Liquid NK 18-0-10 with Humates and Seaweed 10 litres


Perfect partners and an easy tank mix

BioActive Formula Green (10 Litre)

This homogenised blend of plant (inc. algae & fungi) extracts with a few low salt additives provide the base for your natural greenkeeping programme or a superb tonic for any sports turf area.

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Our Liquid NK fertiliser has the perfect formulation. Manufactured using high quality raw materials. Using liquid fertilisers makes feeding through spray equipment very easy.

EASY TO APPLY, readily available nutrients with Biostimulants for all heavily used sports turf

Liquid fertilisers allow you to reduce and fine tune your nutrient inputs throughout the growing season.

Liquid NK contains seaweed and humates as a biostimulants to help nutrient uptake into the plant. They also feed the bacteria and fungi which form the foundation of the soil food web.

Application rate: 3 litres in at least 60 litres of water for a bowling green (1500m2) application, or as advised in your Bowls Central Green maintenance programme.

Ureic nitrogen for foliar uptake and after hydrolysis readily available in the root zone too.

Chloride free potassium.


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