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Thatch Eater-Degrades thatch Guaranteed


To reduce thatch on all heavily used sports turf.

THATCH EATER is a cocktail of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria specially selected for their ability to rapidly degrade thatch and organic matter and to release locked-up nutrients for plant growth, converting it to humus. The bacteria and fungi are centrifuge-dried into a zeolite carrier to enhance their metabolism and to protect them from ultra violet light and chemicals. Fungicides can be used within seven days of application.

AERATION A hectare of sports turf with thatch 4cm deep will contain approximately 200m3 – 400m3 of thatch, matted with top dressing. Degrading this much thatch requires a lot of oxygen. Frequent aeration, with solid tines, or sorrel roller to the bottom of the thatch layer will enhance the process and allow released nutrient to be rapidly converted for grass growth.

Aerate at least every two to three weeks and apply Liquid Aeration for best results.

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