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Soil Chemical and Peak Sand Analysis

Soil Chemical and Peak Sand (Texture Analysis)
Soil Chemical and Peak Sand (Texture Analysis)
Comprehensive Chemical Analysis and Peak Sand (Texture Assessment) of your green's soil (rootzone). You will receive a soil sampling kit with instructions for taking and returning (freepost) your soil samples to the lab. The results will come back to you from Bowls Central with a full report detailing all Primary, Secondary and Trace elements, Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Saturation, Electrical Conductivity, Organic Matter, pH and your soil's position on the Soil Texture Triangle (assessed by the Laser Diffraction method and alerting you to your greens proximity to Peak Sand). Includes a full report written by a Master Greenkeeper with comprehensive 12 month greenkeeping program for your green. Unlimited support and further advice will be provided as required.
Price: £110.00
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  1. paxtonalan says:

    Trust me this soil analysis is priceless!
    We started using John’s Performance Green Programme in 2017 and the results since have been amazing. Each year we send off soil samples and back comes a highly technical laboratory report. However more importantly it is accompanied by John’s summary of the current condition of your green and what you need to do to start ( or maintain) the recovery process. This is written in layman’s terms that anyone can understand and the week by week programme is your guide throughout the year. Furthermore John Is only an email or a phone call away if any problems crop up during the year. Without this soil analysis you are working “blind.” So whether you are complete amateurs ( like our team) or a professional greenkeeper I strongly suggest you arrange a soil analysis. I promise that you won’t regret it!
    Alan Paxton, Imber Court Bowling Club, East Molesey. Surrey.

  2. Dave Lane Green Keeper says:

    I have made a mistake on my order for soil analysis I have ordered three I only require one Blaby Bowls Club

    Can you please help me I have not payed any monies yet
    Many thanks Dave

  3. Michael Werth says:

    Are you able to accept soil samples internationally (Hong Kong). Also, how many samples from different parts of the greens can be submitted for the £110 price?

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