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Compost Tea Starter Kit (Bowls)

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What’s in the Bowls Central Compost Tea Kit?

Everything you’ll need to get up and running quickly and easily is in the kit, including your very own compost tea brewer/aerator and all of the equipment, materials and instructions you’ll need to make your first few brews.

What’s in the kit?

  • 25 Litre (perfect for Bowling Greens) Compost Tea Brewer with Oxygenation Pump and all fittings required.
  • Supply of pre-inoculated compost, nutrients and activator to make approximately 12 brews of microbe rich compost tea
  • Fungal additive to make sure you brew the perfect compost tea to encourage the fine perennial grasses and start the process of converting your greens to Poa free, high performance surfaces.
  • Teabag for containing compost and filter for straining your brew into the sprayer for application
  • Full instructions and comprehensive on-going support from John.

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Weight 10 kg

4 reviews for Compost Tea Starter Kit (Bowls)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barry C

    Having started this year with ‘compost tea’ we are now starting to see subtle changes and improvements on the green.
    Over the last couple of years or so we have followed
    John’s advice from the avidly read Performance Bowling Greens and his other publications, a handy reference (and the occasional very helpful email when I’m unsure of something) A number of things have changed, winter we spent aerating the green more frequently than previously and the green is playing better earlier in the season.

    So this year we have gone down the ‘compost tea’ route. In all honesty, the committee didnt take much persuading, mainly because of the improvements over the last couple of years. Since starting with the compost tea, there have been a few subtle changes, the green is certainly running better, a better colour and consistency of grasses with a definite decrease of the annual POA. We had a few patches that were slow to recover from fusarium, so as John suggested, I was a bit heavy handed with applying the ‘tea’ on these areas. The improvement to those areas is incredible, lush and green, the ‘patches’ healing very quickly.

    Everybody happy, especially the treasurer, knowing how much money we are saving! I’m really pleased with the results, a number of very complimentary remarks from visiting teams add to the feel good factor. Now the weather has settled a bit more and the grass growing better, hopefully I can continue to build on the success so far. Maybe, with any amount of luck, the fusarium might be a bit less this year as a bonus.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Lapes

    Our green has declined through basic timidity and neglect.
    So we took the plunge and got the kit and saw an immediate improvement in the grass texture and colour. It’s too early to tell on the thatch but the early signs are positive.
    The nice thing is you can be a bit sloppy without doing harm – so ideal for inexperienced greenkeepers and volunteers.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave Guthrie

    I purchased the compost tea kit in the middle of last season and it was worth every penny.
    The green has a small area that is in the shade for most of the winter, due to the position of our pavilion, where I have really struggled to get grass to grow. Since I have been applying the compost tea, this area has not only recovered but is getting quite dense. The rest of the green has also improved, it now retains its colour and looks healthier with the finer grasses definitely on the increase .
    I also had a fusarium attack in early October which I had to spray to get it under control. In previous Autumns when I treated fusarium, the scars often remained for most of the winter but this time remarkably, after applying more compost tea, the scars have healed already and there is now virtually no trace.
    Since then, I have had a soil analysis of the green with John giving me a full report and a programme to correct the deficiencies in the green over the next twelve months, which includes an intensive application of compost tea. I am now really looking forward to next season when I am convinced there will be a definite continued improvement in the playing surface.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave Nicholls

    After a lot of research and debate i finally persuaded my club to invest in the Compost Tea provided by Bowls central. It took time and patience to convince the Management Committee that it was a worthwhile investment and that it did not provide an instant “Fix” but was part of a new approach to green keeping with reduced emphasis on chemicals etc. We began using Compost Tea in the middle of the season and it became obvious by the end of September that we were seeing excellent results. This was confirmed by our professional Contractor’s who are now taking a different view on the use of the product. Given that we have had a really challenging season of weather I am delighted with the condition of the green and can definitely recommend its use. The starter Kit has everything and I have since made additional purchases of the consumable items which I believe are good value and the service is exceptional with very fast turnaround on the order.

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