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Compost Tea

Compost tea is a specially home brewed spray that will boost the microbe population in your bowling green, allowing you to encourage the finer grasses and combat dry patch, disease and thatch, naturally and effectively.

For soils that have been subjected to heavy inorganic fertiliser and pesticide use, apply every 7 days for the first two applications and then every 3 or 4 weeks. If the sward has traditionally been subject to bad attacks of disease, increase the frequency of application just before disease usually attacks and during times when disease is usually prevalent. Compost Tea is not a pesticide but plants growing in healthy soil are less susceptible to many common diseases

For most bowling greens with sand rootzones dilute 25 litres of Compost Tea in 50-100 litres of clean water per green (1500m2).


This highly concentrated mix of 7 species of soil fungi is selected for its ability to degrade thatch and organic matter converting it to humus and essential organic acids. The fungi also maintain the fungal dominance needed for perennial grass growth and to help out compete the fungi that cause fairy rings and fungal dry patch. Simply add 200-500g per hectare to your compost tea at the beginning of the brewing cycle.

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