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Fungal Additive for Compost Teas (5kg)


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FUNGAL ADDITIVE FOR COMPOST TEAS is a highly concentrated and diverse blend of fungi and bacteria designed to boost the lignin degrading fungi that may not develop in the short brewing time available for compost tea.

CONTAINING FUNGAL SPECIES that only occur naturally in very mature composts or old, undisturbed soils, Fungal Additive helps to create the biological conditions in soils and growing media that are required by perennial grasses, particularly fescue, bent and rye grasses.

FUNGAL ADDITIVE helps to mobilise organic matter in the soil and makes nutrients more plant – available whilst reducing the leaching of soluble nutrients.

This highly concentrated mix of 7 species of soil fungi is selected for its ability to degrade thatch and organic matter converting it to humus and essential organic acids. The fungi also maintain the fungal dominance needed for perennial grass growth and to help out compete the fungi that cause fairy rings and fungal dry patch. Simply add 75-100g per bowling green brew (25 litres) to your compost tea at the beginning of the brewing cycle.

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