Performance Greenkeeping tasks for August


August is upon us and the days are shortening noticeably already. Thought's might already be turning to autumn and the plan for renovations of the green. My Greencraft Column in Bowls International this month explains how you can assess your green and make the right decisions for autumn renovation works.

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Performance Greenkeeping tasks for July

Performance Greens

As if by magic we've zoomed past the longest day already, but, the nights won't be drawing in, as my Mother used to say any time soon, so still plenty of nice light evenings to get out on the green.
Last month I talked about being vigilant for the common early summer disease problems like anthracnose and red-thread. It seems that was prudent as many clubs contacted me to say they had problems.
In Performance Greenkeeping tasks for July, I'm looking at the effects of weather fluctuations and share some timely advice on Localised Dry Patch, mowing, plant nutrition and an intensive, but cheap compost tea regime for struggling greens.

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The Role of Microorganisms in Soil Health


The Role of Microorganisms in Soil Health is vast and in many cases misunderstood. For decades we have been obsessed with the potential harm that just a few pathogenic microbes can cause, instead of learning to think of the soil as an eco-system. We've learned the hard way about that approach and now that pesticide availability is being reduced we need to start taking this seriously. Excellent article here from Christopher Johns, Research Manager, Northern Australia and Land Care Research Programme

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