Healthy soil = healthy turf = healthy soil

A beautifully made film that explains how our turf grasses can interact with soil bacteria and fungi to build the perfect, disease free bowling green eco-system if only we’d let them.

So how can you make 2018 the year you finally make a start on this process at your green?

  1. Become a Free Member of Bowls Central here
  2. Take advantage of the offer I’ll send you when you join to have your soil analysis and report written specifically for your green.
  3. Start following the program I will detail for you and allow me to guide you through the process.

What will the results look like?

  1. Your green will improve in surface performance (faster, smoother and truer) year after year .
  2. Your green keeping costs will reduce.
  3. Your green will behave more consistently and problems like disease, moss and dry patch will disappear.

Watch the video then start the process here.

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Academy Membership

Bowls Central Academy

Online training and many other benefits

Academy Membership offers a series of new benefits to members, most importantly a growing range of online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects.

Academy Membership Benefits

Of course I’ve given a great deal of the focus of Academy Membership over to education and the online study courses, but there will be a long list of other benefits for members.

The available courses, levels of study and other member benefits will be added to on a monthly basis.

  • Online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects, starting with Level 1 Introduction to Greenkeeping.
  • Free Study Materials related to each course
  • Links to further recommended reading materials you will find useful
  • Free eBooks
  • Club Website Offer and free access to Web School Membership
  • Permanent Discount on Bowls Central Publications
  • Permanent Greenkeeping Materials Discounts
  • Communication Tools like Infographics, slides and presentations
  • Permanent Soil Analysis Discounts
  • Access to in-depth articles and studies


Academy Membership
Academy Membership
Academy Membership brings a long list of benefits to members of Bowls Central, including online training courses, discounts, offers and free resources to help you with your greenkeeping and club management. Join today for only £10 per month.

Winter Greenkeeping Plan

Deep Slit Tining

I've had a lot of requests to supply a general set of recommendations for winter maintenance for bowling greens. Although the full program for any green should be based on a thorough inspection and soil analysis, there are some general rules you can follow. I've also put together a suggested package of materials to help you apply this program more easily.

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Winter Greenkeeping Strategies

damage to frosted turf

Winter Greenkeeping Strategies have to a large extent been based on preventative fungicide, putting the green to bed and hoping for the best. This overlooks the huge opportunity greenkeepers have to make a real difference through applying some sound Winter Greenkeeping Strategies right through the closed months.

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Performance Greenkeeping Tasks for September

Bowls Central

Greenkeeping Tasks for September and October have become to some degree a bit repetitive. This would be fine if the desired results followed, but in the majority of cases this can't be said to be true. This month John explains the science behind the perfect autumn renovation plan to get your green started down the road to consistent high performance.

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Soil Chemical and Peak Sand Analysis

Soil Chemical and Peak Sand (Texture Analysis)
Soil Chemical and Peak Sand (Texture Analysis)
Comprehensive Chemical Analysis and Peak Sand (Texture Assessment) of your green's soil (rootzone). You will receive a soil sampling kit with instructions for taking and returning (freepost) your soil samples to the lab. The results will come back to you from Bowls Central with a full report detailing all Primary, Secondary and Trace elements, Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Saturation, Electrical Conductivity, Organic Matter, pH and your soil's position on the Soil Texture Triangle (assessed by the Laser Diffraction method and alerting you to your greens proximity to Peak Sand). Includes a full report written by a Master Greenkeeper with comprehensive 12 month greenkeeping program for your green. Unlimited support and further advice will be provided as required.
Price: £160.00
Price: £95.00
Your name, Club Name and Address please::


Performance Greenkeeping tasks for August


August is upon us and the days are shortening noticeably already. Thought's might already be turning to autumn and the plan for renovations of the green. My Greencraft Column in Bowls International this month explains how you can assess your green and make the right decisions for autumn renovation works.

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