New Bio Solution to Leatherjacket and Chafer problems in fine turf

Adult Cranefly (Daddy Longlegs)

Leatherjacket damage on bowling greens has been a huge problem already this year, so it is with a bit of relief that I am adding a new biological leatherjacket and chafer grub treatment to the shop today.

Introducing Harmonix® Tri-Nema™

Chafer grub and leather jacket infestations within your turf not only cause damage by their presence, but they also encourage further destruction by enticing predators like Crows and Starlings to their location, who in turn can cause untold losses to a healthy and vibrant surface whilst feeding.

This is why Bayer have helped to develop and patent Harmonix® Tri-Nema™, to give you 3 different modes of activity in one Nematode treatment.

Badger damage

Turf Condition is all importantNematodes target pest larvae

Not only do Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets destroy great turf by feeding on healthy roots, but the presence of their predators can also have a negative effect on the performance characteristics of the surface. This can negatively impact your organisation in terms of reputation, financial and the welfare of customers and animals alike.

Large infestations and presence of these predators can be a very costly experience within the environment of the turf you are caring for. From unsightly playing surfaces and course closures to potentially dangerous running surfaces, the potential for costly problems is always a large consideration.

Harmonix® Tri-Nema™ has three answers to the one question of how to effectively control these problems…

Leatherjacket Treatment for Bowling Greens

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Performance Evaluation of the Bowling Green

Performance Evaluation of the Bowling Green

By far the best selling of my eBooks available on this site is Performance Bowling Greens; it out sells all of the others by 10-1. Bowling green performance can seem a bit sketchy and hard to tie down to any sort of measurable parameter, but that's more to do with the lack of a joined up approach to the subject in the industry than it is a lack of measurable components. This article introduces the subject of the Performance Evaluation of the Bowling Green.

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