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AquaCept – for fungal dry patch 5KG

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“Hi John

TOOK your advice and treated the green with Aquacept, with immediate results.
the grass is back and needs a cut. what a great product”


  • A long-term solution to Localised Dry Patch giving rapid gains in summer sward quality
  • Our solution aims to cure the causes not just remove the symptoms of dry patch.


  • A long-term solution to Localised Dry Patch giving rapid gains in summer sward quality
  • Our solution aims to cure the causes not just remove the symptoms of dry patch

Aquacept a new development in dry patch management. Many turf managers experience a hydrophobic layer 4-6cm thick occurring just below the thatch layer. It often occurs in conjunction with or near fairy rings, and causes weak grass susceptible to disease and wear that many wetting agents cannot reach.

The hydrophobic layer is caused by organic hydrophobins excreted by fungi that coat the soil particles. The bacteria in AQUACEPT are chosen for their ability to digest these hydrophobins and outcompete the fungi for nutrient, removing the cause of the problem.

CONTENTS Aquacept contains bacteria chosen for their ability to break down the organic hydrophobins secreted by soil fungi which cause dry patch.


Tine the area to be treated and apply 5 kg Aquacept in 500- 600 Litres of clean water per hectare. Pre-dilute in warm water before adding to the tank. If using mains water allow to stand for a few hours to let the chlorine dissipate before adding Aquacept.

Use wide nozzles on your sprayer. For best results mix with HydroAid or nonionic wetting agent. Keep the spray tank agitated during application.

Apply weekly if necessary or spot treat as required.

Aquacept may be used to spot treat local areas of dry patch. Tine the area to the depth of the hydrophobic layer and apply by knapsack sprayer or watering can.

AQUACEPT produces protease enzymes which degrade the white hydrophobic proteins secreted onto soil particles by the basidiomycetes fungi commonly found in Fairy Rings. The hydrophobic layer is usually found just below the thatch layer 2cm-6cm deep

SPOT TREATING Tine the area as much as possible to the bottom of the hydrophobic layer. Use 100gms – 200gms Aquacept per 100 sq.m. Pre wet the area with wetting agents or mix an organic (e.g. Yuccah) or non ionic wetting agent with the Aquacept solution. Repeat as necessary

Precaution Avoid breathing dust. In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection IF INHALED: If breathing is difficult, remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. If experiencing respiratory symptoms call a doctor/physician.

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations

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Weight 5 kg

5 reviews for AquaCept – for fungal dry patch 5KG

  1. Frank J. (verified owner)

    I have used Aquacept before with good results.

  2. Graham B. (verified owner)

    Speedy and efficient as always thanks even in lockdown

  3. Alan (verified owner)

    About half way through application and the green is definitely showing improvement .

  4. John Lancaster (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery and great product for helping to get on top of LDP.

  5. pauline richmond (verified owner)

    Using Aquacept has helped us to re seed areas that were brown and bare. You have to be patient as it takes a few months to condition the soil before it will accept seed but it’s a wonderful feeling when you see it growing

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