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Grass Identification

Grass Identification on the Bowling Green

Grass identification is a key skill for the greenkeeper and over at the Bowls Central Academy the students have been spending a fair bit of time recently finding out about that and all of the things that can go wrong on and under the green. They have then applied this learning to their own greens to enable them to develop a sound maintenance and renovation program for their greens.

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managing turf disease

Turf problems and how to fix them

Greenkeepers are bombarded with turf problems in the form of disease, weeds, pests and disorders. Now, with many pesticides being banned and unavailable it's time for us to take back control of our turf. The good news is that it is actually easier without chemicals, because we are forced to learn more about the underlying causes of problems and become more familiar with the ecology of our greens.

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Bowls Central Academy

Academy Membership

Online training and many other benefits

Academy Membership offers a series of new benefits to members, most importantly a growing range of online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects.

Academy Membership Benefits

Of course I’ve given a great deal of the focus of Academy Membership over to education and the online study courses, but there will be a long list of other benefits for members.

The available courses, levels of study and other member benefits will be added to on a monthly basis.

  • Online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects, starting with Level 1 Introduction to Greenkeeping.
  • Free Study Materials related to each course
  • Links to further recommended reading materials you will find useful
  • Free eBooks
  • Club Website Offer and free access to Web School Membership
  • Permanent Discount on Bowls Central Publications
  • Permanent Greenkeeping Materials Discounts
  • Communication Tools like Infographics, slides and presentations
  • Permanent Soil Analysis Discounts
  • Access to in-depth articles and studies


BC Academy Membership
BC Academy Membership
Academy Membership brings a long list of benefits to members of Bowls Central, including online training courses, discounts, offers and free resources to help you with your greenkeeping and club management. Join today for only £15 per month.