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Master Greenkeeper John Quinn is the author of Performance Bowling Greens, and several other titles on Greenkeeping, Club and Business Management.

mair sand

Mair Sand

"Mair sand" was the call from Tom Morris the most famous and respected greenkeeper of them all, but have we misunderstood him? In reply to an article about fine, firm golf greens John Quinn highlights the similarities between the plight of golf and bowls greens and clears up the apparent contradiction between modern day problems with inert greens and the Tom Morris philosophy.

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managing turf disease

Managing turf disease effectively, cheaply and permanently

Managing turf disease effectively, cheaply and permanently is well within the grasp of every greenkeeper. The soil in our greens already holds all of the answers to this, or at least it should do. Some of the routine work we do on greens is more damaging than beneficial. The need to manage turf disease more effectively gives us the perfect excuse to start returning our soils and grass plants to their natural disease resistant selves, much to the benefit of our members and clubs. John explains how to manage turf disease outbreaks simply and with reference to vegetarian sausages :-)...may contain nuts!

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Ecolawn Spreaders


since 1994.


The New Generation ECO 250 applicator from Ecolawn, Canada, was developed based on experience as turf care professionals and also incorporates suggestions from professional customers. This spreader integrates features normally found in much larger top dressers into Ecolawn’s own proven design.

The ECO 250’s manoeuvrable four-wheel design provides superb weight distribution and stability, making handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing manoeuvrability or ease of operation.


Topdressing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, difficult process.

Compost Teas

Compost Tea Quick Start Guide

Compost Tea is a home made spray that is applied to fine turf to increase the micro life in the soil. It reintroduces missing microbes and boosts the populations of all of the main beneficial microbe groups such as bacteria, protozoa and the all important Fungi. Some of these help to degrade thatch, turning it into valuable humus, giving life and body to the depleted and often excessively sandy soil in many bowling greens.

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How to save bowls clubs and grow the game

How to save bowls clubs and grow the game by changing the role of our bowls clubs in our communities. Although it seems futile to think we can make a drastic change to the way things are in many bowls clubs, I know that many clubs are overlooking or possibly ignoring golden opportunities on their doorstep.

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Opening Day Preparation: Getting the mower ready.

Opening Day Preparation: Getting the mower ready.

Getting the mower ready is often seen as someone else's responsibility during the close season, but great care should be taken to make sure you are not falling foul of tradition again. Relief grinding and back lapping have become an unfortunate norm in cylinder mower set up, but can be more damaging to the turf and the mower than you might expect. John Quinn explains the theory and suggests a solution that will ensure your mower gives you trouble free service and impressive results all season long.

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