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Osmosis and Transpiration working in unison to create an osmotic pump

New lesson on Plant Physiology added to Turfgrass Science course

The Introduction to Turfgrass Science course in the Bowls Central Academy has a new unit called Turfgrass Physiology an introduction

The unit covers the main physiological processes used by grass plants to grow and thrive and explains how these interacts. Explore this fascinating subject now and get a better understanding of what you can do to maximise turf health and green performance.

The lesson finished with a tricky little quiz to test your understanding of Turfgrass Physiology

The Unit is available now in the Academy.

Members will find it under the Course link in the My Account area.

Academy lesson on photosynthesis

New Photosynthesis lesson added to the Turf Grass Science course

The Introduction to Turfgrass Science course in the Bowls Central Academy has a new unit called C3 and C4 Photosynthesis: A Brief Primer

The unit covers the basic principles of Photosynthesis and then digs a bit deeper into the differences between Cool Season and Warm Season Photosynthesis to explore the fascinating sugar production process going every day in our turf.

The Unit is available now in the Academy.

Members will find it under the Course link in the My Account area.

Introduction to Turfgrass science

New lesson added to Turf Grass Science Course

The Introduction to Turfgrass Science course in the Bowls Central Academy has been updated to include a new Unit on Grass Seed Production, including a closer look at how new gras seed cultivars are developed. The unit goes in depth to look at the seed and development and production process and includes: Breeding, Testing, Preparation for Commercial Availability, Control of Quality, Labelling and Record Keeping, Shelf Life of Seed, Reliable Replication of Specific Cultivars.

The Unit is available now in the Academy.

Members will find it under the Course link in the My Account area.

Bowls Central Academy

Free Delivery and 10% discount band added to Annual Academy Benefits

Bowls Central Academy Membership offers a series of new benefits to members, most importantly a growing range of online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects.

Current Courses Include:

Academy Membership Benefits

Of course I’ve given a great deal of the focus of Academy Membership over to education and the online study courses, but there is a list of other benefits for members.

The available courses, levels of study and other member benefits will be added to on a regular basis.

  • Online educational courses in Greenkeeping and related subjects
  • Free Soil Analysis for your green including a full report and recommended greenkeeping programme specifically tailored to your green
  • Free Delivery on Website Orders
  • All Bowls Central eBooks free to members
  • Permanent Greenkeeping Materials Discounts on all greenkeeping materials. Currently 5% off Equipment, tools and rootzone improvement materials and a huge 10% off everything else in the Bowls Central Shop
  • Full access to a growing library of over 300 greenkeeping articles
  • Further benefits and member only offers will be added on a regular basis

Opening Day Preparation

Bowls Coaches and Umpires we need you!

Calling all bowls Coaches and Umpires

Bowls Central has been delivering greenkeeping and club management advice for 5 years now and we have grown a substantial readership as a result.

Now that the site is established as an online destination for bowlers and clubs looking for help, I’d like to expand the range of advice offered.

In particular I see a need for detailed articles on the following subject areas:

  1. The Rules of the game (all disciplines and federations) and the decisions that are made about these during matches by Umpires.
  2. Coaching techniques and advice for players to help them improve their game and advice on how to deliver effective coaching at club level.

With this in mind, I’d like to ask if you, or any of your friends have experience in either of these fields and would be interested in writing an article, a series of articles or even a regular column for Bowls Central?

I’d like to see this type of help expanded as much as our readership feels it needs to be on Bowls Central so am happy to support you in any way I can to help you deliver advice on these subjects. There is no direct payment available for this work, but depending on the quality and frequency of articles you are able to provide, we can support writers in some or all of the following:

  • Editing and formatting articles for publication
  • Publicising your work through the site, our mailing list and our social media channels
  • Helping you to sell (on bowls central) any services or publications you’ve created that will be of benefit to our readership relating to these subject areas.
  • Help with design, editing, layout and publishing of any longer written works you create on these subjects.

Please feel free to reply with any questions you have about this, or to make a suggestion. I’d also be pleased if you could alert any of your friends or contacts who might be interested.


Please reply using the contact form.



Photo Credit: Julian Stallabrass via Compfight cc

Bowled Over

Historic England have published a new, lavishly illustrated book by bowls historian Hugh Hornby that is the first study of its kind. The book explores the history and architecture of some of the UK’s oldest bowling pavilions.

This fascinating book chronicles the the game over the centuries and looks at the emergence of the different codes that are followed around the UK.

More photos in this BBC article

Get the book here:

Bowling Club Turnaround- the 5 Actions you MUST Take now! FREE REPORT

Bowls TurnaroundFirst it was a double dip and now it seems that the UK is on for a Triple Dip recession! With all this doom and gloom around, its no wonder that many bowling clubs are like rabbits caught in the headlights.

It seems like there is nothing we can do to ensure the survival  of our bowling clubs never mind actually increasing revenue and building a successful, thriving club for the future.

Well, its easy to get caught up in the misery of it all, especially when you look out of the window and see grey skies and rain. Then the news comes on and its all flood warnings and danger triangles! Long summer evenings on the green seem like a universe away!

However, this is exactly the time when you have time on your hands to get your bowling club set up for a bright future.

Ignore the news and just take these 5 easy steps to turning your club around for the long term. I’ve written a new report detailing the 5 most important steps you Must take now to make sure your club is one of the lucky ones. There’s actually no luck involved, its just a matter of employing the right actions at the right time to set your club up for future success that many dismiss as impossible.

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