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Greenkeeping Despair

Greenkeeping despair leading to perpetually bad bowls greens

Greenkeeping despair describes the state many Bowls Clubs get into on their never ending quest to achieve an excellent green overnight. They lack an appreciation of the timescale required to turn a poorly performing green into a high performance one. Because of this, clubs embark on a roller coaster ride of chopping and changing their approach to greenkeeping year after year. One year they will employ a contracting company to turn the green around and shortly into this arrangement there will be a revolt by a group of the club’s elite players due to the lack of progress and it will be all change again to a different approach. This could be another contractor, a new greenkeeper or even a combination of these.

Then there is the new wonder product being introduced, that a vocal member promotes as the way forward; a contractor who promotes a new approach or an expert who promises a tournament green overnight.

Recognise any of this behaviour?

These are all clear signs that your club is suffering from greenkeeping despair and if you are a member of a bowling club, you will recognise this instantly. This happens because the club members are desperate to have a good green and just can’t wait for the results. Unfortunately, this invariably results in failure, great expense and a perpetually mediocre green.

There is an answer that is so simple that most clubs don’t see it. It’s covered step by step in the book below. See what others are saying about it here.

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