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7 Ways to Grow your Bowls Club Membership

Growing bowls club membership is often considered impossible or at least very difficult.

The most likely sources of new members for your club are the existing members, their contacts and your local community.

My eBook “Bowling Club Membership, retention and growth” includes a vast number of tactics you can use to build the popularity of your club. Here are 7 for starters:

1. Add value to membership; make it a sought after commodity.
2. Cast your net wider than just the bowling community.
3. Adopt a culture of Continuous Improvement.
4. Create different Membership types
5. Ask your Members how you are doing and what they would like to see.
6. Open your facilities to local groups
7. Interact on a professional basis with your local business community.

Bowling Club Membership Retention and Growth details a step by step a strategy for uncovering a huge un-tapped resource of potential members and income for your club.

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Bowling Club Membership retention and growth
Bowling Club Membership retention and growth
How do you increase club membership numbers in a time of economic turmoil? How do you retain members when there is a natural decline in bowling participation? This eBook sets out a plan for transforming any bowls club into the central hub of its community. FREE download for Academy Members more details
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