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Bowls Social Network

Getting started on bowls-central’s new social network is easy. In a few minutes you can be set up and start benefiting from the many new features the social network brings to the site and its members.

To get started just Register and you will be up and running in minutes.

Use the top most menu on the any page to register for your free membership and to organise and manage your profile and the type of content you want to get involved with.

What is a Member?

Everyone who signs up to bowls central is a member of the community and is free to use all of the site features including:

Activity Streams 

Activity Streams allow you to keep track of the information you are following on the site. Global, personal, and group activity streams with single-stream view. Included are threaded commenting, status updates, favourites, @mentions, RSS feeds, and email notifications.

User Groups

You can join user groups; I’ve set up some initial special interest groups and members are free to join any of these or request a new group specific to their interests.

Groups can be public, private or hidden to allow members to break the discussion down into specific topics.


Each user group has its own fully featured discussion forum to allow for more in-depth conversations between members. Simply add to an existing discussion or start your own in the forum that best suits the topic. If it isn’t there just request a new user group and forum and you’ll be up and running straight away.

Private Messaging

Private messaging allows members to talk to each other directly, in private. Members can even send messages to multiple recipients at a time.

Friend Connections

Members can make friend connections so they can track the activity of each other, and focus on the people they are most interested in.

Member Settings

Members can change their notification options and sensitive account information, for example to be notified by email when new activity occurs in a group they are interested in.

Future Developments

We will continue to add further features as and when they are available or by demand. This will include making it possible for every member to set up their own blog.

So don’t delay…join up today and join in the conversation on bowls central social! You can register here.