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Turf grass growth characteristics and habits

I often talk about close mowing here on bowls central and don’t usually recommend a cutting height of less than 4.5mm even in perfect growing conditions. Of course the mower blades will have been set higher during the recent very dry and very hot weather to allow the plants to retain more leaf area and therefore more moisture. An understanding of turf grass growth characteristics is important in helping you to make the correct maintenance decisions.

Another reason for avoiding excessively close mowing is the irreversible damage that can be done to the grass plant, especially if the crown is damaged. The plant can survive a lot of trauma as long as the crown remains intact, so great care should be taken to avoid scalping the green too close.

In my recent post about turf grass shoot structures I mentioned the plant stem as one particular shoot structure used by turf grass plants. You can think of the crown of the grass plant as a stem that has been squashed down, concertina style to the ground. All of the internodes where leaves arise are stacked alternately into a very compact stem that barely rises above the soil surface. This critical part of the grass plant includes the upper stem apex and the same bud meristems (where new shoots arise) as the longer stems we looked at before, only in this form the nodes are all tightly



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