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June is Localised Dry Patch Time, start now to deal with it Permanently!

Localised Dry Patch typically rears its ugly head in June in the UK, but by then it is way too late to do anything about it. Once your green is displaying the large brown patches of desiccated grass and powder dry soil beneath, no amount of watering or wetting agent will bring it back fully this year. Now is the time to inspect your green and deal with it permanently.

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Localised Dry Patch-a modern plague killing bowls greens

Localised Dry Patch (LDP) is a condition that causes turf to become hydrophobic (water repellent). Once LDP has taken hold, irrigation simply causes the unaffected areas to get lusher while the LDP affected areas get drier. This exacerbates the problem making the green increasingly frustrating to play on. Soil sampling will reveal powder dry soil. …

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AquaCept – for fungal dry patch 5KG


"Hi John

TOOK your advice and treated the green with Aquacept, with immediate results.
the grass is back and needs a cut. what a great product"


  • A long-term solution to Localised Dry Patch giving rapid gains in summer sward quality
  • Our solution aims to cure the causes not just remove the symptoms of dry patch.

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