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Beer application reduces maintenance costs by half!

Scientists in South America are developing a new strain of turfgrass that responds to applications of beer slops by only growing at half the rate of normal grasses.

Turf managers are already getting excited about the development saying that the beer swilling turf drastically reduces labour costs for bowling green maintenance and potentially creates a use for beer slops and half drunk pints from the clubhouse bar.

The breakthrough was spotted by accident by a greenkeeper at Lirpa Premia Bowling Club. When interviewed by Bowls-Central, greenkeeper Avril Primo said “its amazing, the grass seems to come up “half cut”, it’s going to revolutionise bowling greenkeeping the world over and I can finally put all of the half pints left over on Sunday night to good use”.

We tried to contact the Science team involved but we were told that we couldn’t speak to anyone until the second day of April.

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