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Boom Time in Bowling

Boom time in bowls participation.

Bowls Central, although very popular now in relation to when I started the site 5 years ago, is still what could be termed a “niche” website. The audience for a site like Bowls Central is never going to be easy to find online. Due to this fact, I now spend a lot of time promoting the site on social media such as Twitter to get the site in front of new readers.

To monitor the success (or otherwise) of these campaigns I use software that allows me to see how many people interact with the messages I put out there. When I tweet about an article on bowls central I can usually be sure of between 5 and 10 people clicking through to read the article, some of whom might become regular readers or maybe even join as a free member of Bowls Central which gives them full access to nearly 300 articles on the site.

I also monitor the news being released about lawn bowls and sometimes tweet links to articles that I think my Twitter followers might like.

Imagine my surprise then when I tweeted a link to the following article and no one looked at it:


Boom Time in Bowling

Quite an amazing article on bowls participation levels in Victoria, Australia. Bowls Victoria has 850 registered members under the age of 20 on its books for the 2015-16 season and another 1200 members aged 20 to 30. Read the full article by clicking the picture above.

Now a Question for you:

Is this story all about the weather or is Bowls Victoria doing something special that we could all copy here?

Let me know in the comments area below:

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