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Bowls Club Survival-are you ready yet?

Yesterday we looked at one of the biggest barriers to a successful bowling club turnaround: procrastination;

Ok so it’s hard to get yourself motivated and started and ready sometimes, but there comes a time when you really do have to stop “getting ready”. Some people are even now getting ready to…”get ready”.

One of the biggest excuses I hear from bowling clubs is that they must have This content is for members only.


  1. Ross Thompson says:

    John: This is the first time I have encountered your marketing and I have to say I think it more than just essential – it should be compulsory.
    I am a journalist / veteran bowls writer who believes in communication yet my club has a President who thinks computers and email are “new fangled rubbish” and trying to get stories in the media is a waste of time.
    Even today – the first day of the Pennant season and virtually no-one knows who is playing in what team because we are travelling with only weekend bowls
    so there is no reason to go to the club during the week except to drink or play the pokies (not very many do).
    In writing my recently-published book Life & Soul of Bowls Downunder, I visited more than 50 bowls clubs around Australia and I was amazed at some of the ingenious ways clubs have found to keep in touch with, and encourage, their members.
    After haranguing our committee (Benowa Bowls Club) they wrote and told me I was appointed as “media consultant” despite the fact, the constitution has provision for a “Publicity Officer” – as you will know, a totally different role.
    I hope your advice covers the issue of communication, the sport needs that badly.
    Kindest regards
    Ross Thompson

    • John Quinn says:

      Thanks Ross

      Good to hear from you and good luck with your new post.

      The problems and attitudes you describe will be familiar to many of our readers.

      If I can be of any help then please let me know.



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