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How to harness nature to achieve a performance bowls green

In Performance Bowls Greens, a practical guide there is a simple but detailed procedure for getting back to natural greenkeeping, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring predictable and affordable long term bowls green performance.

In it John Quinn explains what has gone wrong in UK bowls green maintenance, why we rely on industry norms at our peril and more importantly what we can do about it.

This best selling eBook, breaks down all of the myths and fairy tales about bowls green maintenance including why you shouldn’t be top-dressing your green or following many of the green keeping practices currently deemed essential.

No bowls club can afford to be without this eBook.


  1. Rob Moores - Grange Club says:

    Hiya John or should that be FUNGI. Do you know of any way in which we can teach a sparrowhawk table manners? One of these beautiful birds is regularly using our green as a dining table and leaving feathers all over the place. They are a bugger to clear up.
    Would you mind if I sent you a short cine disc of our green so that you can see what’s what. It’s easier than trying to describe it.
    I asked my wife for an opinion and as frank as ever, she came up with the response “boring, but if John does say yes, at least he can fast forward it”
    Thanks, Rob. ps. I hate the sound of my voice!!!!

    • John says:

      Hi Rob
      Short of leaving oven ready sparrows out for him I don’t know what can be done about the feathers!
      I’ve replied to you by email about the movie!


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