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Irrigation Systems

Bowling green irrigation is one of the areas of bowling green maintenance that raises the most questions.

On the face of it, this appears to be a simple subject; install sprinklers (watering systems), switch them on when it’s dry and the green gets evenly watered and everybody’s happy!

In reality it is a minefield of decisions including; best system design for your green, water storage, watering schedules, when, how and how much to water, green speed, disease, dry patch, thatch etc.

I have assembled some more in-depth information regarding the watering of bowling greens here.

If you need any help with this subject please feel free to drop me a line directly.


  1. ken fuller says:

    irrigation system has stopped working finding it hard to get anybody to look at it can you help we are a club in brentwood essex

  2. PhilVickers says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I have renovated and repaired our system at Penistone. I’m not an expert but willing to pass on any advice.

    Phil Vickers
    Penistone Bowling Club

  3. jeannette Oatway says:

    Does anyone have a legionnaire risk assessment for an irrigation system using main water which is stored in a holding tank. Thanks

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