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Performance Greens and Thriving Clubs: Action Speaks Louder than Words

Performance Greens and Thriving Clubs go hand in hand. There can be no denying that the most important aspect of any club is the sport itself, so it stands to reason that clubs with great greens have a better chance of thriving than others.

I have a growing band of enthusiastic users of my Performance Bowling Greens and Club Survival eBooks.

I say “users” rather than “readers” because I think there is a vital difference between the two.

I have written these eBooks with the intention of them being used as practical guides or manuals and it is great to see so many of you putting them to good use already.

But…It can’t be over emphasised that Implementation is the vital component of any project and I would encourage everyone to not only read these publications but to make a promise to yourself and your club to get on and take Massive Action on the back of your reading.

There is no better time to get started than right now!

Here is what some of our readers are saying:

Myself and my Club Kearsney Bowling Club have a lot of faith in John Quinn and are building our green improvement scheme around his book ‘Performance Bowling Greens a Practical Guide’ which was purchased by the club for our grren keeper and playing member Graham Perrinn. Bowling Club Survival and Tournaround eBook is just the guide for clubs to get a grip of and encouraging new members to come to the club. It will also once, the project is up and running, show to club members, in laymans language, how the club is running, what we can do to improve our image and how and where the money is distributed to make it a Club others will want to join. Thank you John for all the information you distribute amongst us willing Club Officers and Green keepers to make the game of Bowls continue into the future.
Regards Colin Thompson, Treasurer of Kearsney Bowling Club. Colin Thompson



Completed our first slit tining last Sunday, two directions second at 45 degrees to first. No rear roller on our machine; see what you mean about tails. Our machine only goes 100mm deep but we hope to undertake tining as often as weather will permit over the closed season.
Many thanks for your help and advice. Graham Wood


Just a line or two to thank you for some wonderful advice on bowling greens. I have recently been appointed greenkeeper at Sutton Coldfield Conservative Club.I have 38 years experience of golf greenkeeping but your advice has been invaluable. When i took over,the green was in a pretty pathetic state. But, with lots of work and manhours,it is turning around pretty well. It is good to know that there are people around that can offer their advice for free and are willing to help in this wonderful profession. Thanks once again for all you do for us novice bowling green guys.
Best regards,
Jim Guest


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