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Resourcefulness and Club Survival

Eric, Syd and Doug have demonstrated admirably the trait of resourcefulness and innovation that exists throughout the bowling scene.

A common theme running through all of these stories is the determination to do the job correctly, regardless of the financial barriers in the way.

I spelled out this need for clear and innovative thinking in my Manifesto for a Successful Bowling Club late last year. The Manifesto is still available Free here.

Although these readers have demonstrated the common theme of resourcefulness and innovation, the stories are also clear illustration of the main issue in bowling today; lack of funds!

When Eric emailed the details of his machine, he went on to say that he had often thought of trying to get a group of clubs together in his local area to share the cost and benefit of new machinery…another example of innovative thinking.

Almost every email or query I receive from readers of this site starts with or includes a sentence about how they are working under very difficult financial conditions.

Club Management Committees must start to embrace the ideas and good will of members who are willing to put in a lot of time, brain work and physical effort in to keep their club alive and thriving.

Now that the spring is here I hope that many clubs will have found a renewed vigour and are looking forward with enthusiasm to a great season ahead.

I don’t want to put a damper on this enthusiasm, far from it…but this is also a great time to get your Club Turnaround project into gear and a good place to start with that is with one or both of the eBooks: Club Survival and Turnaround and Performance Bowling Greens.

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