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Compost Tea Alternative

A lot of bowling greenkeepers simply don’t have the time or facilities to brew compost tea regularly enough for it to make a real difference. As a result, I am frequently asked if there is an effective alternative that is easy to use and avoids the brewing process and set up, hence the New, Biology Bundle!

The Biology Bundle gives you enough materials to complete 10 full bowling green applications and comprises the following proven products:

  • VermiExtract (10 litres) A probiotic liquid extraction derived from organic Vermicompost. It contains soil bacteria, fungi and protozoa, which form the foundation of a healthy Soil Food Web
  • BioTabs (20 Tabs) An effervescent tablet with 4 Strains of Trichoderma fungi and 5 strains of Bacillus bacteria, an easy and cost effective way of getting good microbes into your green.
  • Liquid Endo Mycorrhizhae (200ml) Liquid Endo Mycorrhizal Inoculant contains a minimum of 1,100,000 Endo-mycorrhizal Propagules per litre. It promotes rapid root and shot growth for fine perennial grasses without encouraging Poa annua.


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