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Introduction to Greenkeeping

This course will give you a good grounding in the work of the greenkeeper and introduce a few of the main concepts relating to turf maintenance. It is aimed at those with some experience of hands-on greenkeeping, but will also be helpful to those considering getting behind the mower or fertiliser spreader for the first time.
You should try as much as possible to gain hands on experience down at the bowling green. This will help to consolidate what you learn on the course. Future courses at Level 1 will expand on the concepts introduced here.
Suggested Supporting Reading Material: Performance Bowling Greens, a practical guide

Module 1 Basic Greenkeeping Equipment
Unit 1 Essential Greenkeeping Equipment - Mowers
Unit 2 Greenkeeping tools and their uses
Unit 3 Essential Greenkeeping Equipment - Aeration
Module 2 Greenkeeping Materials
Unit 1 Essential Greenkeeping Materials
Module 3 Turf Problems
Unit 1 Turf Problems-Introduction
Unit 2 Identifying Turf Problems
Module 4 Maintenance Planning
Unit 1 Introduction to Greenkeeping Planning
Unit 2 Aims of the Annual Greenkeeping Program
Unit 3 Assessing your green's actual condition.
Unit 4 Identifying Common Turf Grasses
Unit 5 Understanding Soil Analyses
Unit 6 Writing the Annual Maintenance Program