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Healthy soil = healthy turf = healthy soil

A beautifully made film that explains how our turf grasses can interact with soil bacteria and fungi to build the perfect, disease free bowling green eco-system if only we’d let them.

So how can you make 2021 the year you finally make a start on this process at your green?

  1. Read Performance Bowling Greens and take advantage of the half price offer on Soil Analysis I’ll send you.
  2. Join my email list for access to regular updates, tips and newsletters
  3. Join the Bowls Central Academy
  4. Take advantage of the member only pricing on soil analysis and I’ll send you a report written specifically for your green.
  5. Start following the program I will detail for you and allow me to guide you through the process.

What will the results look like?

  1. Your green will improve in surface performance (faster, smoother and truer) year after year .
  2. Your green keeping costs will reduce.
  3. Your green will behave more consistently and problems like disease, moss and dry patch will disappear.

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