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Successfully dealing with fairy ring in fine turf

dealing with fairy ring in fine turf

Successfully dealing with fairy ring in fine turf is a challenge facing many greenkeepers, but one that can be broken down into easily taken key steps. The conventional remedies that feature the use of fungicides are simply dealing with symptoms and can guarantee only one outcome; temporary relief followed by a worsening of the problem over the longer term. In this article you'll find a pesticide free, long term solution that also alleviates the short term symptoms.

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Performance Greenkeeping tasks for July

Performance Greens

As if by magic we've zoomed past the longest day already, but, the nights won't be drawing in, as my Mother used to say any time soon, so still plenty of nice light evenings to get out on the green.
Last month I talked about being vigilant for the common early summer disease problems like anthracnose and red-thread. It seems that was prudent as many clubs contacted me to say they had problems.
In Performance Greenkeeping tasks for July, I'm looking at the effects of weather fluctuations and share some timely advice on Localised Dry Patch, mowing, plant nutrition and an intensive, but cheap compost tea regime for struggling greens.

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Bowling Green Maintenance Diary July

Bowling Green Maintenance Diary July Here we are at the height of summer and the busiest playing time on the bowing green and a busy time for the greenkeeper. If the weather hasn’t been too hot and water levels are correct, then you should still be seeing steady daily growth which means the mower will …

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Thatch on the bowls green

After LDP there is probably more information on this site about Thatch than anything else. Thatch production by grass plants is a natural process. Thatch is the layer at the very top of the green surface between the green grass blades and the brown soil beneath. Simply put; the bigger the distance between the green …

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