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Turf Grass Rigidity. Performance Evaluation of the Bowling Green Part 8.

In measuring the performance of the bowling green there are visual and functional factors to consider. Now that we've studied the visual clues we move on to the functional ones in earnest. Today we will look more closely at what at first might seem a strange quality of turf and that is Rigidity. This property of sportsturf is closely associated with the physiology of the individual grass plants we looked at in an earlier series and also with bowling green performance, as it influences green speed and trueness.

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Functional Qualities of Bowling Green Turf

Functional Turf Qualities. Performance Evaluation of the Bowling Green Part 7.

Now on part 7, this series has so far examined mostly visual clues to bowling green performance. Moving on now to the functional qualities of turf grass that can be used to make a more tangible appraisal of the performance of the green, we start to get to the point where we can make a quantitative appraisal of bowling green performance.

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