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rasie funds with your club website

Fund raising with your club website

Since announcing the club website offer yesterday, I’ve had 2 enquiries related to advertising on your new club website.

The first question was:

Q1. Will our website be covered with adverts for bowls-central?

A1. No.

Second question was:

Q2. Can we have sponsors ads on our website?

A2. Of course, you can display any amount of sponsor ads on your site to raise money for your club funds. We are happy to help with adding these and of course there are many other ways that you can raise money through your site such as Google ads, and an increasing number of programs you can join and promote on your site to raise money for the club.

So not only do you get a professionally designed, built and hosted site, you also potentially get a new revenue stream or multiple revenue streams for your club into the bargain!

You can see the club website offer here.