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Should a new bowls green sink?

There aren’t many new bowling greens being built these days but of those that are appearing the initial euphoric rush of the members is somewhat dampened when things seem to immediately start going wrong with their shiny new green.

One of the most common occurrences is that the green sinks, causing bumps and kinks on the surface. I’ve witnessed this first hand, usually after drawing up a specification for the construction of the green and then returning to find that the project architect (bowling green construction is quite often just a part of a bigger project involving buildings etc) and/or contractor has “interpreted” or worse “adapted” the construction specification, has adapted the construction program (sequence), has adopted non-approved methods, or has used “alternative” materials.

In reality it’s usually a This content is for members only.


  1. Dennis Ward says:

    When choosing concrete edging over timber was thought put into the green level rising over the course of ten years and how this might be addressed given that the concrete is immovable? Our bowling club is considering concrete edging and we would be interested to know how this problem may be overcome! Thanking you in anticipation of a reply!!

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