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Bio Liquid Fertilisers- their role in Performance Bowls Greens

I often mention that for a Performance Bowling Green, you should be using Bio Liquid Fertilisers and in an earlier article I briefly discussed some of the key characteristics exhibited by what I would term a Performance Green and these were: A green that performs well from the get go every year. A green that is consistent …

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BioActive MolTurf 10 Litre


BioActive MolTurf® is an award winning liquid carbohydrate.  BioActive MolTurf® contains naturally sourced carbohydrates and trace elements that energise the turf grass plant metabolism and stimulates microbial activity around the root and leaves.  BioActive MolTurf® is a natural carbon balancer that increases the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation allowing less nitrogen to be applied.  BioActive MolTurf® provides a quickly available carbon food source for microbes that live around turf grass roots, thus helping to reduce fungicide and fertiliser applications.  Use on all turf grass surfaces and root zones for faster playing surfaces.

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BioBooster Fish Hydrolysate (10L)

Fish Hydrolysate 10L
  • High performance plant and soil nutrient
  • Rapid assimilation through roots and shoots, ideal spring starter
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and carbohydrate production
  • Aids germination and survival of young plants
  • Rich in proteins to feed soil fungi for fine grass growth and thatch degradation
  • May be used as a total fertiliser or a biostimulant
  • Contains growth promoters and trace elements

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Bowls Green Maintenance Basics-Green Speed

The great debate about green speed has raged on since the beginning of the game. But what are the factors known to affect green speed? In order of their impact on green speed these are the top 7 factors that you should bear in mind. Obviously there are others such as weather patterns, level of …

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CMS Shoot 200L Contractor Pack

CMS Shoot 200L
  • Rapid assimilation of nutrient through roots and shoots
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and carbohydrate production
  • Improves seed germination and survival
  • Stimulates soil biology for early spring root and shoot growth - contains 13% fulvic acid
  • Rich in proteins and amino acids 9.2% to feed soil fungi for fine grass growth and thatch degradation

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How to painlessly transform greens from Poa annua to bent/fescue

Transitioning your green from Poa annua to bent/fescue is not only critical to achieving a Performance Bowling Green, but is actually a realistic goal. The spongy, soft turf associated with annual meadow grass is less than ideal for bowls. Common wisdom says that this can't be done without major disruption and that even after it is achieved it wont last. This article explains in detail how to undertake the transition of your green from Poa annua to bent/fescue turf and dispels the myths about stressing Poa. This is the way to change your green permanently and without fuss. It will also save your club money on maintenance, so what's not to like?

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The two legged problem in the room

Ecology is a fascinating subject in and of itself. If you’re not convinced of that, I defy you not to be awestruck by Chris Packham’s brilliant BBC series on the subject. This particular episode is heavy on fungus, but also explains a remarkable synergy between animals and plants. The pine trees a reliant on the …

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